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Draw attention to your color with customized highlights or add dimension and movement with lowlights! All our highlights are finished with a glaze.

*Prices start @ and reflect the educational level, technical training and/or experience of stylist. New Talent Stylist work under the guidance from a senior stylist may be required.

 Prices  Start @

Hairline     $50                                                           
Perfect for camouflaging your grey hair and illuminating your face.

T-Zone   $60      
A perfect choice to maintain your highlights. Your hairline and natural part is highlighted.                                                         

Partial    $75  
It includes hairline, t-zone and crown area.                                                               

Full     $125      
Your whole head is highlighted                                                                 

Pop of Color   $40    
They are hidden panels of highlights (or any color) that peek out when the hair moves.                                                 

Lowlights   $60   
For overly sensitized hair or color that's too light for your taste.                                                          

Sun kissed   $125    
Highlights so tiny only the sun can make them... But not so! We can do it too!                                                    

Ombre, Color Melt or Sombre $150    
Today's trend. Rooty base and lighter ends.  

Highlights/Lowlights (a la carte)  $6                               

Balayage  $100 Per Hr
The most artistic way of creating highlights. It's crafted without foils in a sweeping motion. Hair is hand painted  to create natural results.


​  Note: highlighting services do not include toners or glazes