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Rescue Bar for Hair & Scalp

Beautiful and shiny hair begins with care, knowledge and respect. Like skin, hair needs nourishment, hydration, exfoliation and restoration. We recommend regular haircuts while hair is being repaired and regular treatments as preventive measure.
Olaplex $30+
It helps in re-bonding broken hair links to prevent breakage or further damage to the hair while performing highlighting services. It can also be performed as a stand alone treatment to strengthen the hair. It truly is like an insurance for your hair.

Pro Fiber Treatment  $35+
Pro-Fiber is the secret to salon beautiful hair every day. It is the first long-lasting, recharging haircare program for damaged and overly dry and sensitized hair. It starts in salon, and is prolonged by you at home. Enriched with the Aptyl 100 technology with over 7 years of research and 7 patents, you can prolong the salon restorative effect for up to 6 weeks*.

*In-salon treatment+ Pro Fiber at home+Recharge once a week

Moisturizing  $15+
Minimizes frizz, nourishes and hydrates hair .                                                                    

Pre-Color  $15+
Prepares and conditions the hair to accept color. Recommended for weakened hair & porous hair .            

Post-Color  $20
Seals hair color, adds shine and extends hair color vibrancy

Color Mesh  $30+
Extends the life of your color for up to 6 weeks by physically trapping color molecules deep within the hair fiber. Specially recommended for red hair and color that fades too quickly. Home care system is a must.                                                      

Purifying  $20+
Cleanses your scalp from impurities and buildup. Specially recommended for  scalp prone to dandruff.                                                                        
Reconstructive  $30+
Repairs your hair when performed regularly. Rebuilds inter-cellular cement to create elasticity and strength from within the hair fiber.  Damaged hair is intensely repaired and nourished with restored vitality.                                     

Restorative $45+
Progressive or Situational Hair Loss.  Scientifically proven to help grow hair thicker, stronger and healthier. This treatment works against the 3 factors responsible for hair loss: Vascular, Hormonal and Tissular.  Active ingredients include Pfaffia extract and Biotin; scientifically known to help hair growth. Home care strongly recommended.