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Creating an instant makeover doesn't always have to be major or expensive. Although simple to achieve, this small change in hairstyle is powerful enough to generate the most dramatic, stylish, youthful and feminine transformation you can ever imagine. Choose from 6 different styles. 

Classic & Bouncy Bangs as wore here by First Lady Michelle Obama, are cut 2" from your hairline with length close or below your eyebrows. They have subtle layers, which give this bang a classic look with lots of movements.  

Side Swept Bangs as wore by Jennifer Lopez, are the perfect choice for you to experiment with if you have some anxiety. They are easy to maintain and the commitment is minimum. They fit and flatter practically all face shapes. 

Pixie Bangs as wore by Christina Aguilera, are short and choppy. They are great for oval and rounds faces. Since they are so short they tend to place a lot attention and focus to your eyes and brows. If you find this style to be the one for you, make sure your brows are always groomed.

Boho Bangs as wore by Nicole Richie, are my favorite ones. They gradually slope from center of your brows to your cheekbones and ears. They add a lot of sensuality and softness to your face. They are great for almost all face shapes.

Modern Cleopatra Bangs as wore here by Rihanna, are also my favorite. They are bluntly cut without layers. Making them full and heavy. They are the perfect choice to camouflage large foreheads and to balance round faces. 


Asymmetrical Bangs they are funky and bold. They can easily transition to side swept bangs or any other bang styles. They emphasize your eyes and cheekbones.